About Us

We have years of experience in fashion industries…

Success is a combination of experience, talent and many years of hard work. Success is not a coincidence.

SoftPrincess is an international fashion clothing manufacturer, retailer and direct selling company. It is one of the fastest growing direct selling company with hundreds sales representatives.

SoftPrincess exports its products to almost all countries but specially targeted to Asian countries.

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, where it is surrounded by business companies, SoftPrincess has a product range more than 200. The production plant is located on a 360 00 m2 land and consists of 5 different high tech equipped integrated factories.

SoftPrincess contains a wide variety of the products from undergarments, sports wear and cosmeticsĀ  to personal care and wet wipes.

Each SoftPrincess products are manufactured with the highest standards and certified by independent international companies and laboratories.

Now 3 countries are working in FARMASI MLM business in order to fullfil the dreams of thousands of customers and increase their earnings permanently.

With its dynamic structure, SoftPrincess can easily prepare strategy and launch new products quickly yet strongly in order to get a step ahead of its competitors.